Juan Williams Hit the Jackpot

I’ve listened to Juan Williams’ reporting over the years on NPR, and have enjoyed his recent stint as a panelist on Brett Baier’s Special Report which I catch most weeknights. Like many others, I’ve come to appreciate the guy as an honest and reasonable liberal, with a real human quality. Come to think of it, I guess I can understand why he doesn’t fit in at NPR any more. What he was guilty of here was honesty: he admitted to a feeling that 99% of non-Muslim Americans would probably share (one poll I saw reported on Fox showed 88% of respondents agreeing with Williams – but that’s only those who were willing to admit it to the pollsters).

Anyway, he’s hit the jackpot now. I’m not sure he could have planned this any better. A $2 million-a-year contract with Fox News and (no doubt) a barrage of book deals from publishers seems like a very nice way to soothe the pain of his firing.

For many of the rest of us, we’ll also get to enjoy watching NPR and its posse of pipsqueaks be savaged by Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, and a number of other outfits on the political Right. Deservedly so. The Stalinist creature (Vivian Schiller) who appeared in a public interview to explain the firing, while simultaneously insinuating that Williams is either psycho or a publicity hound, is likely in for a long period of suffering or at the very least a lot of damage control. Ah, sweet, sweet Schadenfreude. (Would it be wrong of me to point out that in real life she doesn’t look like her airbrushed publicity photo?)

Ironically, I predict that, rather than making people more ashamed of their feelings of fear regarding Muslims on airplanes, this affair will make it more popular to admit the truth. Only the leftist totalitarians really enjoy political correctness – most Americans despise it, and sympathize with those who are forced to suffer at its hands.

In reading up on this issue, I also learned, for the first time, that Juan called Michelle Obama “Stokely Carmichael in a designer dress.” Ouch! Impolite, to be sure. But I can’t bring myself to hold it against him.

Good luck Juan.


2 thoughts on “Juan Williams Hit the Jackpot

  1. Certainly another black eye for NPR. I was amused that NPR started trying to make a distinction between news analysts and other commentators in their defense of the firing. Once I verified that NPR’s site listed Dan Schorr as a news analyst I knew they were just blowing smoke — Dan Schorr’s columns were laced with so much left-leaning bias I had to check the balance on my radio whenever he came on.

    I actually tend to disagree with Juan’s views, but he’s a fairly reasonable debater, and for that I’m glad he’s found a better place.

  2. NPR really painted itself into a corner on this one. the comments on their web site were overwhelming against Juan’s firing, some going so far as to castigate NPR for trying to silence Juan. Having Fox News swoop in to save Juan from the unemployment line was classic and classy. The dig that Roger Ailes got in, that Fox would allow Juan to exercise his First Amendment rights, was perfect.

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