Sit in the Back Republicans!

Anyone wondering whether the Obama people will have had enough of the “car in the ditch” analogy any time soon? Maybe Nancy Pelosi can pick up on it, and tell us we’ll need to buy the car so the American people can find out what’s in the trunk.

Honest question: can anyone remember, in eight long years, President George W. Bush demeaning the other party like President Obama has done regularly? Even once? All I can remember are things like his reaching across the aisle and working with people like Ted Kennedy. The current president may be the most partisan president of our lifetime.


One thought on “Sit in the Back Republicans!

  1. Wow. Obama certainly goes out of his way in a partisan manner which does not compare to Bush. At all.

    “It’s not enough to just play politics,” he said. “You can’t focus on the next election. You’ve got to focus on the next generation.”

    He says this whilest campaining for the next election, raising $500k for his party in two days? What a hippocrite. He says I can come along for the ride, but only in the back seat of “his” car? Back seat? Back of the bus time, is it?

    Wait a minute, that might work for us. I’ll leave the canoli.

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