Reason at Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear

This video of reason editors interviewing people at the Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend in DC is very entertaining. It’s well worth watching all the way to the end — in fact the last few seconds are especially hilarious. I LOLed several times throughout.

While the two guys at the end are kind of hard to beat, I think the woman who criticizes people who compare other people to Nazis, only to concede it’s a pretty apt comparison in the case of George W. Bush comes in a close second. Let me know in the comments which parts made you laugh (or cry) the most.


3 thoughts on “Reason at Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear

  1. Thanks, it was a pretty good time. I loved when they asked the bunny if he felt comfortable in the crowd. What a bunch of misinformed FREAKS with little-to-no critical thinking skills. Now THAT’s scary!

  2. Amusingly the guy at the end is confused about the difference between personal debt and government debt. This is probably one of the dangers of trying to get people to understand that deficit spending and the debt is not necessarily the right thing to worry about. Undoubtedly many will take the msg to be that if it’s ok for the gov to have a large amount of debt (permanently) then it should be ok for them too!

    And of course, if they printed their own money, maybe it would be ok đŸ™‚

  3. The rally was supposed to be ironic, but in fact it was just deceptive. I know two people who went to the rally (one from Princeton, one from Boston), and both are the kind of liberals who believe conservatives are either ignorant or evil.

    In some ways, it was a test. Can the left-wing hold a rally that appears centrist by tamping down the most overt left wing rhetoric while satirizing the extremes? Yes, I guess it can, but I don’t think it fooled anybody. I’m sure most non-liberals (over 75% of the country by the way) saw this for what it was — just another example of left wing snobbery and smugness.

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