How to Repeal Obamacare

I am not in favor either of piecemeal repeal of PPACA, which might improve the overall situation just enough to make it barely tolerable (thus losing the impetus to repeal the entire abomination), or of de-funding efforts that will turn out to be futile in the end.

I would suggest the following tack for the Republicans.

Call out Obama and the Democrats by publicly reminding them that Obamacare was passed in an entirely partisan way over the objections of a majority of Americans. It was rushed through, with inadequate debate, and inadequate review (“we have to pass it so the American people can find out what is in it”), and sausage-making so revolting that some of it had to be dropped entirely (“the Cornhusker Kickback”). The only bi-partisanship was in the opposition to it. It has set the nation up not only for long term fiscal disaster, but worse, for a hobbling of the last engine of advancement in medical science in the world.

“It was wrong, therefore, to pass such transformational and risky legislation in the first place. And it’s time to right that wrong by repealing it, and starting over.

If you, Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid, and your party, do not agree to repeal, you will be explicitly slapping the electorate in the face, and denying the expressed will of the American people, who changed their representation in Congress in a national electoral landslide of epic proportions largely in opposition to PPACA. You will be obstinately charging ahead with a fundamental change to our nation that the people of this nation have rejected.”

How could Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, and their enablers in the mainstream media, effectively respond to that challenge? What convincing argument (besides: “we used our small window of total control to ram home our vision of America’s medical future – and you’ll have to get used to it”) could they make to the American people in opposition to a move to repeal?

The advantage of my approach is that it appeals to the fundamental principle of democracy (majority rule), and sets the Democrats up for a charge of massive and unforgivable hypocrisy, since they, much more than their Republican rivals, have ever brayed more loudly about “democratic values.”


One thought on “How to Repeal Obamacare

  1. I think this is a sound approach, Draco. They will fight it, for sure, but your majority-rule angle would make for interesting debate! I don’t think enough focus has been placed on the terrible fiscal risks associated with socialized medicine, not to mention the fundamentally-flawed foundational principle. I hope the Republicans are dialed into your wavelength.

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