Ron Paul Says Force Doesn’t Work

Ron Paul emotes, he doesn’t do logic, and he therefore doesn’t persuade. I watched his CPAC speech via YouTube. He said, to take but one example, “Force never works.” (referring to foreign policy).

Now, I’m not a professional historian, but I am a very well read amateur historian with a specialty in military history, and I can list hundreds of examples throughout history where “force worked.”

Let’s take one that’s just mind-numbingly obvious: force destroyed the Imperial Japanese war machine and turned a fascist state that was a threat to all of Asia into a market-oriented provider of goods and services to most of the world whose people have enjoyed 65 years of peace and plenty.

So, obviously, Ron Paul is wrong about this. Could it be that he’s wrong about other things too? Like hard currency? In any case, being wrong on this one issue is enough to keep him out of the White House, since most Americans want their military to be the biggest, baddest dogs on the planet, and would prefer to be doling out the wallops rather than being on the receiving end of history.


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