Is it Fair?

Stephen Moore asks Is it Fair?

Great questions! Except for the last one, which posits what I believe to be a counterfactual – in fact, our grandkids aren’t going to have to “pay off” trillions in debt, regardless which President can be blamed for it. Americans only have to pay interest on the national debt. They don’t have to – and shouldn’t try to! – retire it. But 19 out of 20 isn’t bad at all!


The Liberal Enforcers by Mark Steyn

I confess to having a weakness for Mark Steyn. Although his arguments aren’t always rigorously correct or logically airtight, he makes up for it by being very funny. And he’s usually quite right, in fact.

In The Liberal Enforcers he writes, on the Susan G. Komen affair:

The American Association of University Women announced it would no longer sponsor teams for Komen’s “Race for the Cure.” Sure, Komen has raised $2 billion for the cure, but better we never cure breast cancer than let a single errant Injun wander off the abortion reservation.

Apparently so! Go ahead and read the whole thing. Viva Mark Steyn!

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